Instant Lip Plumping Moves

Instant Lip Plumping Moves

Don't half-ass it when it comes to applying your favorite lip plumpers (i.e., products that use hyaluronic acid or mild irritants to temporarily swell lip tissue). Slather the stuff on! Just make sure your lips are totally naked. Any moisture – either from saliva or a balm – will prevent the formula from penetrating.

Use two complementary lip hues. Swipe on a shimmery rose-colored gloss, then apply a paler pink version over it, says makeup artist Carol Shaw. Layering two colors creates the illusion of depth so your mouth looks ultra plush.

You can whip up your own plumping product at home. Mix a teaspoon of regular olive oil with a pinch of salt then dabbing it on your mouth. These ingredients for moisturizing and the sodium makes the think skin on your mouth puff up fast!

Keep your lip gloss shiny! The shinier the more reflective the formula and the fuller it will make your lips look!

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