How to Get Perfect Lips

How to Get Perfect Lips


The most enticing lips are full, soft, and naturally rosy. To prime your kisser for lip color (and smooching), follow these steps:

  1. Swipe on some lip balm, then use your fingertips to massage it in. Its conditioning agents will fill cracks on chapped lips. Work it in for 30 seconds or so – this helps stimulate blood vessels and ensures that your lips look their absolute fullest.
  2. Next, run a dry extrasoft toothbrush or wet washcloth over your mouth to slough off dead skin cells. (Hot tip: Do it in the shower – the steam will soften those yucky dry bits so that they fall right off.) You also can polish on the go with a pinch of sugar. it melts quickly, so it wont irritate delicate skin.
  3. Finish by blotting with a tissue to soak up a leftover residue. Still a tad dry? Dab on a bit of nongreasy lip balm.

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