Healthy Nails Naturally

Healthy Nails Naturally


Are your nails brittle, peeling, discolored and just all around yucky? A great natural way to heal your nails and get them looking healthy, shiny, strong and beautiful is to take essential fatty acids. The fatty acids are full of nail, hair and skin supporting nutrition. Evening Primrose Oil is a fatty acid that is support of hair, skin and nails and also helps with PMS. Taking 500-1000 mg daily will help your nails to grow strong and beautiful. Give it time and take it for at least two months. 

Another great natural home remedy for getting rid of discolored nails is to prevent it from happening in the first place by using an organic clear nail polish before you apply a color. The color is not able to stain the nail as easily. Also, try seeing a doctor for an antibiotic if you have a nail infection. 

Take vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and do not chew or bite nails. 

Use gloves when washing dishes and cleaning the home or doing heavy yard work. Protecting your nails will help them from peeling, chipping or breaking. 

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