The Beginnings of a Beautiful Mouth

The most enticing lips are full, soft, and naturally rosy. To prime your kisses for lip color (and smooching), follow these steps:

  1. Swipe on some lip balm, then us your fingertips to massage it in.
  2. Its conditioning agents will fill cracks on chapped lips. Using a massage like motion will help to increase circulation and stimulate blood vessels which ensure that your lips look their absolute best.
  3. Next, run a dry extra soft toothbrush or wet washcloth over your mouth to slough off dead skin cells. (Tip: do it in the shower – the steam will soften those yucky dry bits so that they will fall off). You can also polish on the go with a pinch of sugar. It melts quickly and will not irritate delicate skin.
  4. Finish by blotting lips with a tissue to soak up any left over residue. Dry still? Apply a bit of lip balm.

Protect your pout with an SPF 15 during the day to protect then from the drying sun.


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