5 Tips for Melt-Proof Makeup

5 Steps to get Melt-proof Makeup


1. Prime face:

Prep for perspiration-prevent shine in the t-zone are with a silicone-based balm, which creates a sweat-blocking barrier. Then, smooth a honey-infused primer onto your cheeks to anchor makeup without making the skin look dull. 


2. Prep Skin

Create a canvas for color. Apply a shadow primer containing oil-absorbing minerals like kaolin to lids to prevent eye shadow from sliding off. Next smooth a silicone-based tinted moisturizer over your complexion to even out skin tones. 


3. Make Eyes

Perfect Peepers. Avoid smearing eye shadow by swiping on a colorful cream containing silicone, which won't fade or crease. Next, rim lash lines with a waterproof eye pencil. Finish by applying two think coats of waterproof mascara to lashes, but work quickly, as waterproof formulas dry super fast. 


4. Add Color

Brighten up. outline and fill in your pout with a waxy lip pencil before applying gloss. Then blot lips and apply a second coat. next, add a hint of tint to your cheeks by dusting on a mineral powder blush. The minerals adhere to the skin and won't budge no matter how much you perspire. 


5. Make It Last

Ad the finishing touches. It's important to set your look by dusting on a light layer of powder, which will absorb any excess moisture and soften shine. But only apply one coat of powder. To keep the skin fresh the rest of the day use blotting sheets that will help absorb any excess oil. Also a great tip for setting powder is to mist a toner on face after all makeup is applied. 


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