Cure Cracked and Chapped Lips Naturally with This Natural Remedy – Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Did you know that the beautiful roses in your yard or garden can be used to help heal chapped or cracked lips? This natural remedy will help your lips stay hydrated and the color will stay vibrant and healthy.

  1. First find a rose of your liking and pick a handful of petals off the stem, wash them off with distilled or purified water and soak them in milk, almond milk, goat milk or coconut milk for a few hours. Glycerin is also an option if you have any sensitivities to milk of any kind.
  2. Using a mortal, mash up the petals into a thick paste.
  3. Apply the paste to your dry, chapped or cracked lips two or three times a day before going to bed until healed. If you find taking the time to mash them up is too time consuming, purchase some rose oil from your nearest natural food store. Using coconut oil, a natural lip balm or Vaseline to help seal in the essential oil may help too.


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