Get rid of Acne Naturally

It can take 6 weeks to see the benefits of acne treatments. 

Getting rid of acne can be like trying to solve a mystery. Finding what works best for each person takes time and energy, but we think all of these natural acne remedies will help clear up your skin. 

Recommended Supplements

Vitmain A – Vitmain A 2,000-4,000 units/day helps dry skin. Caution: over 4,000 units a day is bad for bone development (if used long term); over 8,000 units a day can cause birth defects; and over 25,000 units a day can cause liver problems – so high doses should only be used with the guidance of a health care practitioner. Beta carotene is OK but does not help the acne. The medication Acutane acts like high a high dose of vitamin A. Vitmain A skin creams are safe. 

Zinc – Zinc 15-30 mg/day increases the effectiveness of the vitamin A and speeds skin healing. 

Fiber – If constipated ) less than a daily bowel movement) add fiber to your diet (e.g., vegetables, whole grain cereal low in sugar for breakfast such as "Quaker Oats" or "Cheerios".

Chromium- 200 – 400 mcg/day (optional).

Vitamin B6 – 50-200 mg/day (optional).

Note – vitamins A and B6, zinc and chromuim can be found combined in a good multivitmain. 

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