Natural Cures for Adrenal Exhaustion

The adrenal gland is your body's stress handler and can get exhausted with chronic stress. Nevertheless, until it is so damaged that it can actually kill you, blood tests will be normal. 


Persistent fatigue
Symptoms of low blood sugar
Chronic sore throat and respiratory infections
Crashing with stress
Low blood pressure with dizziness on standing


Treatments help both the adrenal and low blood sugar.

Avoid Sweets – They make you feel better briefly, then they throw your blood sugar into a rollercoster of highs and lows. Instead, eat more protein (e.g., meat, beans, cheese, nuts) which slowly and steadily maintains your sugar at a stable level. When you get symptoms of low blood sugar, the amount of sugar in a Tic Tac or about one half packet of sugar is enough to bring your sugar back up – without putting you on the "sugar roller coaster."

Eat Small Meals – Frequent small meals throughout the day are healthier than fewer large ones ( think "grazing"). 

Recommended Supplements

Adrenal glandulars, licorice, vitamin C, and pantothenic acid

These and other adrenal supporting nutrients help give you stable energy during the day and settles down blood sugar swings.

Chromuim – Chromium 250 mcg/day decreases low blod sugar symptoms over time. 

Cortef – Natural practitioners may also prescribe an ultra low dose of bioidentical cortisol ( called Cortef) which is very safe at doses under 20 mg/day, but very toxic at high doses.

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