Natural Remedies for Eczema

Natural Remedies for Eczema

Like so many skin problems, eczema can itch worse than a bad conscience. Your avenues of attack: Keep out of the water (that means no dishwashing, frequent hand washing, or long showers) as much as possible. Guard your skin with a think, heavy-duty cream-not a watery lotion. Stay away from eczema aggravators, such as harsh soaps and anything you discover you're sensitive to. And, hard as it may be, avoid scratching.

Rash Relief

  • Great Diaper Rash Remedy that is great for regular itching too.
  • To cool your itch, soak a washcloth in ice-cold milk and lay the cloth onto the itchy area. Repeat several times daily as needed. 
  • Fo an oozing rash, apply calamine lotion. It can help with the itching and also dry out the rash.

Soak and Seal

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