The Best – Bad Breath Natural Remedy

Thyme Sweet Breath Spray and Mouthwash

10 tbsp (approx. 25 g) fresh thyme leaves
10 tbsp (approx. 25 g) fresh mint leaves
5 fresh eucalyptus leaves
3 tsp anise seed
3 tsp cloves
3/4 cup (approx. 200 ml) vodka
rind of 1 lemon
1 tbsp sorbitol or other artificial sweetener to taste, if desired
4 tbsp glycerin


1. Strip the thyme, mint, and eucalyptus leaves from their stems and chop. Places in a blender and mix. Add the aniseed and cloves to the blender and mix again.

2. Place in a dark bottle with the vodka, lemon, and sorbitol (if using) and leave for 10 days to 1 month to macerate.

3. Strain through cheesecloth. Add the glycerin, then stir and pour into a small spray bottle (with a yield of up to 1 g per spray).


Use: Spray 1 g into the mouth when needed. Note: This spray contains alcohol, so be careful not to overuse, especially if driving. Do not use if pregnant. Keep away from children.

Storage: Keeps for up to 1 year.

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