Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Some people, including a number of doctors and biochemists, believe ozone has remarkable healing properties. Others have argued that it is nonscientific and has no proven benefits. For many years ozone's medical value or non-value has been the subject of controversial and emotional debate.[8]

The advent of precise medical ozone generators has only recently allowed the mechanisms, action and possible toxicity of ozone to be evaluated by clinical trials. Ozone has a capacity to oxidize organic compounds,  and has well-known toxic effects on the respiratory tract when present in smog. In medical use the gas — produced from medical grade oxygen — is administered in precise therapeutic doses, and never via inhalation, and advocates claim it has holistic health benefits.

Therapeutic use of ozone is not endorsed by health authorities or medical associations in any English speaking country, and most US states prohibit the marketing of ozone generators, its medical use, and even research and clinical trials of ozone therapy, so that doctors risk losing their medical licenses by administering or prescribing ozone therapies. There is anecdotal evidence of ozone therapy having caused remission in a variety of diseases, but only a few of these life saving administrations have been verified.



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