Natural Treatments for Chickenpox

This is a highly infectious disease, not just restricted to childhood in fact, which is due to the same virus, herpes zoster, that gives adults shingles. It can be transmitted from an adult suffering from shingles, and in turn a child with chickenpox can give an adult shingles. The first signs may simply be a raised temperature and general feeling of malaise, and then a day later the spots appear, quickly developing into blisters containing a clear fluid. This is the most infectious stage, as the fluid contains the virus; after a few days the blisters dry up and form scabs which slowly drop off.

Aromatherapy for the treatment of chickenpox

There are a few essential oils that are excellent for treating chickenpox, speeding up the drying and healing process and soothing the irritation. One of the best is Tea Tree oil. This can be made into a lotion to dab on the spots – add 10 drops to 100 ml (4 fl oz / 1/2 cup) water, or better still Rosewater, and shake. Since oils do not mix with water, you will need to shake before use each time. Add the oil to 50 ml (2 fl oz / 1/4 cup) distilled Witch Hazel for extra astringency and mix with 50 ml ( 2 fl oz / 1/4 cup) of Rosewater. To soothe the itching skin, add 5 drops of Chamomile oil as well, or else use 10 drops of Lavender oil with Tea Tree oil to give the best healing results (use fewer drops for children). other essential oils that are effective anti-viral agents are Bergamot and Eucalyptus: use 5 drops of each above. 


Herbalism for Chickenpox

If the child is a bit feverish, give teas of Chamomile, Yarrow or Lime Blossom –  or all 3 mixed – in 5 ml (1 tsp) doses (15 ml (1 tbsp) for over 3 year olds) every 2 or 3 hours. Give plenty of fluids generally, and sponge with tepid water if the temperature is too high. To soothe itching on the skin, apply a little Aloe vera gel, which will also promote healing of the blisters. 


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