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13 Easy Tips For A Healthy Routine

Are you ready to start a new health routine? Need some extra energy? We have 13 tips for you on starting a new healthy lifestyle.


1. Rise early and drink two 8 oz. glasses of water. Adding lemon to your water helps to detoxify any buildup. One idea is to get a water container that sits on your kitchen counter. Refill it everyday with fresh water and lemon. Having the water in eye sight will encourage you to drink and basically, to remember to drink water through out the day.

2. Spend time practicing spiritual thoughts. What ever your religion, positive thoughts help you to have a better mental outlook. Post some quotes, favorite pick me up words to your bathroom mirror. Each morning read them and focus on them.

3. Plan your day. Arrange to give of your time and energy in service; make someone else feel loved and appreciated. if you do not have the time, even a phone call could be a positive way to give of yourself.

4. Do fifteen minutes to an hour of exercise 3-4 times per week.

5. Take a shower. As busy as we may get, taking a shower will help revive you and make you feel more energized.

6. Eat a good breakfast. Eating foods that are fresh and wholesome in the morning will provide your body with energy and your mind with good focus. Sneak in either a green drink or a multi vitamin to jump start your immune system.

7. During the morning, drink 2 to 3 eight oz. glasses of water and avoid unhealthy snacks; like ice cream, chips and processed foods.


8. Eat a moderate lunch, followed by a stroll outside. Breath deeply.

9. During the afternoon, drink 2 to 3 eight oz. glasses of water; remember not to snack on unhealthy foods.


10. Eat a very light evening meal and take a walk afterwards.

11. Change your pace in the afternoon and evening; do something physical if your daytime work is mental, or vise versa. Schedule some family time. Drink at least one more glass of water.

12. Before you go to sleep, list 10 things for which you are thankful.

13. Go to bed at the same time each evening. One hour’s rest before midnight is worth two hours of rest after midnight

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