Get a Perfect Bikini Line

A flawless bikini is essential – but you hate the pain and upkeep, right? Here are some moves that'll make down-there grooming a breeze whether you decide to shave or wax.

If You Shave

  • Make sure your blade is sharp and clean. Razors that have at least three blades are best at not leaving a single hair behind. 
  • Try a transparent shaving gel. It allows you to see clearly where you're going. Too much foam can create a visibility issue.
  • To reduce irritation, shave in the direction of hair growth at the end of your shower when the steam has softened your hair and skin.
  • Prevent razor rash by applying a soothing witch-hazel toner post-shaving. If you do get inflamed, use an antibiotic ointment. 


Eliminate Unsightly Bumps

Ingrown hairs are a botch, but don't pick at them; just massage the area with a cotton ball soaked, in a glycolic – or salicylic acid face cleanser. This will help slough off the skin's top layer and opens the follicle so that the trapped hair can pass through. 

If You Wax

  • If you're doing your own wax make sure the hair is at least one-quarter-inch before you start.
  • Looking for a completely sting-free at home bikini waxing experience? Keep dreaming! But, prepping your skin with a pat of cornstarch powder helps to at least dull the discomfort. Cornstarch soaks up excess moisture that can make wax stick to skin. To remove extra wax, try using baby oil to softly remove extra wax.
  • When pulling off a wax strip, keep it as close and level to your skin as possible. In other words, don't pull upward. 

    Down There Dos
    Give your guy a racy surprise by sculpting your bikini line into a saucy shape, like a lightning bolt or a heart. Buy a stenciling kit or use a bright lip liner to draw your shape, then shave around it.

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