Avoid GMO’s in Dairy Foods Info

Dairy Foods


Quick hints to avoid and understand dairy products that are genetically modified.


Milk Products

To stay clear of genetic enginered dairy products , follow these helpful tips:

Conventional –

  • Look for dairy products labeled "100% grass-fed."
  • Find products with a label that indicates cows gree of rbGH or rbST. On some brands, the label will say "no artificial hormones."
  • Sheep and goats are not administered rbGH
  • Many yogurts contain corn syrup as a sweetener. To avoid GE corn syrup, seek yogurts sweetened with sugar, natural fruit, honey, or pure maple syrup.

Organic Dairy

Certified organic dairy products are guaranteed to come from cows not administered rbGH or raised on GE feed.

Alternative Dairy Products

Buying alternative dairy products is an easy way to skirt some of the problems associated with dairy factory farming, which uses rbGH and genetically engineered feed. Since many alternatives are made from soybeans, and 87 percent of soy is genetically engineered, many of these products may contain GE materials. Consequently, many companies are responding to consumer conern by providing GE-free non dairy products.

Conventional  Dairy Foods

To stay GE-free, consider beverages and foods made from rice or nut milk-keep in mind that additives and sweetners can be derived from GE crops. Check for GE-free labels on some of these products.

Organic Dairy Foods

To ensure your soy milk is GE-free, buy certified organic products.

Beware: Soy milk can list "organic soybeans" as an ingredient but still contain other ingredients or additives formulated from GE crops. Check for the USDA "organic" seal on the front of the package.

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