Best Flu Cure Ever

Trust me, this works! At the first sign of the flu; ache body-neck arms-back, runny nose or headache pressure, tired, irritability, rush to your kitchen and make some food and add lots of garlic powder or add fresh garlic to your next meal. Next, hit the gym- steam room that is with a huge bottle of water with Emergency C added to it. Shoot for about 4 packets- 4000mg of vitamin C. Also, if you can add eucalyptus to the steam room or a hot shower, do so. If you are not able to hit a gym steam room create your own by placing a humidifier in your bathroom when you take your hot shower. The moisture in the air is helpful in many ways and adding eucalyptus to the air will kill germs inside and out. I also like to add some low boiling water to a pan and add eucalyptus oil to the water. The "fumigating" of the oils in the air kill off bad germs floating around. The Vitamin C is a great way to kick up your immune system and the garlic is amazing at helping to ward of bacteria in the body. Boosting up your immune system, hydrating your body and killing germs is really all it takes. Repeat a few times a day and keep up the Vitamin C. Remember- Vitamin C is very strong on an empty stomach, so be sure and eat first before downing that much ( 2-4000 mg). What your body doesn't use will be excreted through urine, so no worries on what is too much. 4000 mg each time is a lot and should be more than enough at max. 

Happy Healing!



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