10 Natural Relaxation Tips for Pets

Our pets have stresses too and these top 10 tips are great for helping your pet to relax more.

  1. Play comforting music such as an instrumental soundscape or classical music.
  2. Massage or stroke your pet.
  3. Go for a long, quiet, unhurried walk with your pet if applicable. There are many types of leashes and harnesses available for many different types of pets.
  4. Practice stretching techniques with your dog.
  5. Hug or rock your pet. This can be very relaxing for dogs and sometimes cats.
  6. Tell your pet what good pets they are in gentle tones.
  7. Cover your pets crate when they are asleep. The dark and comfortable bed will help them to be less stressed.
  8. Sing to your pets.
  9. Give your pets tasty treats to chew on. This will help to reduce stress, specially dogs.
  10. Play with your pet, throwing a ball, playing with string toys for cats and just touching your pet will help them feel loved and the attention is calming.

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