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  1. When you reach menopause, you may need some hormone replacement therapy just to stay on top shape..:”

  2. Herbs are really useful in getting nutrients naturally, some of them have medicinal properties too.-;,

  3. Edward Young says:

    Hepatitis could lead to liver cirrhosis if you did not maintain a healthy lifestyle.:-~

  4. Henry Barnes says:

    my uncle got stomach ulcers because he took a lot of Aspirin to take care of his high blood pressure.:’`

  5. Thanks for a great post, I never thought of it like that before.

  6. we have a backyard garden that has lots of Herbs for our own consumption.-`:

  7. we have a small garden at home that has herbs and vegetables-:-

  8. Oliver Jones says:

    menopause symptoms can be remedied by hormone replacement therapy;::

  9. my favorite herb is Thyme and Mint leaves, i occasionaly use them in baked foods and pasta~~’

  10. Wrench Set  says:

    menoupause sometimes comes at an early age specially if the person is very stressed~“

  11. everyone would come to an age of menoupause so just enjoy each day while you are young ;–

  12. we should always be very careful about getting hepatitis because this disease is very very dangerous and deadly -“,

  13. i have some small garden of herbs at home, i use them for baking foods and as herbal medicines ;,;

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