Meats and Fish

Meats and Fish


Quick hints to avoid and understand meats and fish that are genetically modified. 


You’ll be glad to know that thanks to the hard work of many food and farming organizations, no genetically engineered fish, fowl, or livestock is yet approved for human consumption. However, plenty of food is produced from animals on GE feed such as grains. You may still want to stay away from these items. 

Quick Hints-Conventional Foods

  • To avoid meat raised on genetically engineered feed crops, look for the phrase “100%” grass fed.”
  • Processed and precooked meat and fish may contain genetically engineered oil-based additives and preservatives. Canned tuna may be packed in GE oils; to be safe, buy canned fish packed in water or olive oil. 
  • Farm-grown fish (trout, catfish, salmon) can be raised on genetically engineered feed. Look for wild rather than farmed fish to avoid this possibility.

Quick Hints- Organic Meats and Fish

Look for verified organic chicken, beef, pork, and processed meat or fish products. 

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