How to Get Rid of Body Acne with Homeopathy

Acne is a skin disorder most common among adolescents, but spans across all ages. It is caused mostly by hormonal changes at puberty, caused by stress and unhealthy eating habits. Symptoms can be red spots, inflamed sores and infected pores that are red and swollen and closed more under the skin types. Acne can show up any where on the body. An all natural way to help heal and get rid of acne is with Homeopathy.


  1. Silicea, when there is scarring. 

    Sil. (Silicea) is prepared from silicon dioxide, and is essential for growth of bones, teeth, hair, nails and for the maintenance of connective tissue. Silica is good for complaints which have occurred as a result of low immunity due to lack of nourishment. It can be used to treat skin and bone conditions, such as acne.) FIND- Natural Health Food Stores

  2. Ant tart, for pus-filled pimples.

    Ant. Tart is a salt that is used in Homeopathy for the treatment of infections.

  3. Sulfer, for chronic acne, with rough hard skin and proneness to diarrhea.

    Sulfer is a mineral which is found in rock forms beside hot springs and in volcanic craters. It has the capacity to treat inflamed, itchy skin conditions. FIND: Local Health food stores. Can come in a mask form, or pill. 

  4. Kali bron, for itchy spots, accompanied by unpleasant dreams

  5. Hep. sulf., for large spots resembling boils.

    Hep. Sulf – Calcium sulfide is used to treat a number os complaints such as rheumatism, gout, and itching. It is used for acne and boils. 

  6. Pulsatilla, when spots are aggravated by rich, fatty foods; and if the sufferer dislikes stuffy rooms and is often tearful.


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