Natural Furniture Polish and Scratch Covers

Natural Furniture Polish and Scratch Covers


Natural cleaners are becoming all the rage due to the high chemical content of everyday cleaning products on the market now. People are looking to support a more eco-friendly, natural environment that support natural health and the world around them. here is our list of natural remedies for cleaning and polishing furniture and covering scratches.


Polish Wood:

The first ingredient is water, of course. Get yourself a spray bottle and put 3 cups of water in there. Once the water is in your sprayer, you will be adding two additional items:

– 4 tablespoons of olive oil
– 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar

Add them to the spray bottle and shake the bottle up a little to make everything mix together. That’s it, that is all the wood polish you will ever need. Be sure to test the spray somewhere on the furniture just to make sure you have the mixture right and you will not damage the wood.


Alcohol and Water Rings

Moisten a cloth in salad or olive oil and touch the cloth to some rottenstone (limestone, polishing particles) and gently rub the stained area.
Do not wax or polish over an alcohol or water ring. That will permanently set the stain on the wooded finish. If the ring is new, you may apply a clean blotter over the stain and press a warm iron on the blotter until the stain is removed. Do not use a hot iron. Do not use steam. If you'd rather not try the iron and blotter technique, you can rub the stain with a soft cloth and olive or salad oil. If this doesn't remove the stain you can try rubbing the stain with mayonaise or petroleum jelly and then leave it overnight. Wipe it clean the next morning.

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