Green Tip #6

Did you know most air-fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Shun chemical -containing “air fresheners”, and

make use of naturally satisfying aromas, such as potpourri-or fresh bread and coffee.

Some favorite scent ideas:

1. bake cookies

2. spray essential oils in the air diffused in distilled water

3. use soy based candles

4. use vinegar for cleaning

5. put fabric softeners in the bottom of your trash cans

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3 Responses

  1. This is excellent advice. Take advantage of all the natural products that are available to intoxicate your senses. I am a Registered Aromatherapist who practices Therapeutic/Clinical Aromatherapy. Smelling of the natural products not only pleases the senses, but is helpful to your total being. Treat your body and inner core spirit.

  2. Blake Butler says:

    we always use air purifiers at home since we live in a polluted place “

  3. we always use air purifier at home because we want very clean air-:.

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