4 Natural Cures for Stuffy Nose

Its that time of year again, sniff, sniff. A stuffy nose develops when delicate tissue in the nose becomes swollen, often because of blood vessels that are inflamed. The sinus passageways narrow, preventing the easy drainage of mucos and results in s “stuffy” feeling. Mostly nasal congestion is just an annoyance for everyone, but can be serious business for infants, causing them to have a hard time breathing and breastfeeding. Most stuffy noses are caused from the common cold, obstructions such as polyps, tumors, and enlarged adenoids, allergies, and nasal inflammation.

To treat a stuff nose naturally try:

  1. Regularly and gently blowing your nose if mucus or debris is present. Be sure to not blow hard or strong once nose is stuffy as this could cause the inflammation to get worse, try using a warm compress on the nose to help loosen congestion.
  2. Breath steam to loosen the mucus and clear your sinuses, or take a warm shower or sit in the bathroom with the shower running. Adding some Eucalyptus essential oil to the air really help open up the sinuses. Add some essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. About 19 drops. (1 oz bottle). Spray into air or shower, being careful to not get the essential oil on your skin or face.
  3. Nonprescription oral decongestants may be helpful, but limit nonprescription decongestant nasal sprays or nose drops to no more than tree days of use.
  4. Try saline nasal drops or spray or nasal lavage. These are safe to use as long as needed. Using saline and salt water to rinse out sinuses with a neti pot may be helpful too.


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