Yoga for Back Pain

There are a number of natural remedies available to treat lower back pain. The therapeutic treatments have become very popular among the masses and the natural treatments have been found to have better efficiency than the prescription medicines. There are many home remedies and alternative remedies like acupuncture, hot water treatment, Yoga, massages etc that can prove to be helpful. Yoga is one remedy that has proved to be very helpful and does not have any side effect

First of all, let’s have a look at some of the causes for back pain and its infestation in your body. Whether you are suffering from the same because of your occupational nature or due to some other reasons, would be clear once you read this. Occupational nature means the habit related to your occupation. If you keep sitting for long hours in your office or face other such exposure, you may suffer from slipped disk, muscles strain or from ligaments.

The other reasons for back pain can vary and it may happen due to extreme hard work in a day, accidents, lifting of heavy things, fall or injury or other such means. Whatever may be the cause, it can affect your spine or other muscles like Piriformis muscle, inflammation of the Sacroiliac joint etc. Yoga exercises as a natural remedy for lower back pain are very helpful in improving the conditions of the muscles.

Yoga Exercise for lower back pain:

Once you have got to know about the cause for the pain, it becomes easier for you to understand the benefits of yoga exercise for treating it, better. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise that keeps the rhythm of the body and mind intact. Yoga exercises require you to stretch your body and back in different positions. If you practice the exercises regularly, it would move the position of the bones or muscles to their original place gradually. After correcting the position of the displaced or injured muscles or joints, some more exercise of the same kind can also be helpful in strengthening the vessels and nerves by providing with better blood supply. Also the exercise increases the elasticity of the ligaments or joints and improves the flexibility of the body.


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