Gentle Facial Scrub

Gentle Facial Scrub

1 small spoonful baking soda
1 quarter-size dollop facial cleanser

Sloughing away dead cells is an excellent way to polish the skin and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. if you're prone to dry skin, try boosting the scrubbing capacity of your favorite face wash once a week: Mix the usual amount of cleanser with a small spoonful of baking soda in the palm of your hand. Wash as usual, applying very little pressure as you let your fingertips move in small circular patterns. The baking soda will gently scrub your skin. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and pat dry (do not use on broken or irritated skin). 

Baking soda is also good for hives once make into a paste then applied onto the skin leacing on for about 10 minutes then rinse gently. 

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