Exfoliating Sea Salt and Apricot Kernel Oil Body Scrub

Exfoliating Sea Salt and Apricot Kernel Oil Body Scrub

2 cups coarse sea salt
1/4 cup apricot kernel oil
body-scrub tool

Make a paste out of the sea salt and apricot kernel oil in a bowl. While standing in your bathtub, shower or on a towel with a space heater nearby, place a handful of the mixture on your body (starting with the legs, then arms, the torso, and the back) and begin spreading in a smooth, circular motion. it is important to keep the palms of the hands the fingers flat against the surface of the skin while applying firm but not abrasive pressure to the skin. The point of the rub is to affect the surface of the skin, not the underlying tissues. After the entire body has been scrubbed and exfoliated, gently shower or rinse off the mixture using a sponge or loofah and a mild bath wash.

This scrub will remove dead cells from the skin's surface and leave it remarkably soft and conditioned. here, the salt serves a dual purpose in that its texture provides the slight abrasion or graininess necessary to 'polish" the skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate lymph production to eliminate toxins, while naturally triggering the skin's own oil secretion. Apricot kernel oil, rich in natural emollients and vitamins A and B, is easily absorbed by the pores. It is also helpful in healing damaged skin cells and will leave your skin moisturized and smooth. 





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