Natural Herbal Bath

Herbal Bath

7 cups of lavender
6 cups of rosemary
5 cups rose petals
4 cups of lovage
3 cups verbena leaves
1 cup of thyme
1 cup of marjoram
1 cup of orris powder

This is to pamper yourself when you're down. Mix 7 cups of lavender, 6 cups of rosemary, 5 cups rose petals, 4 cups of lovage, 3 cups verbena leaves, 1 cup each,of thyme, mint, marjoram, and orris powder. Put in a container and keep tightly closed.

To use, put 1/2 ,cup of the mixture in a muslin bag and tie securely. Boil the bath ball in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. Add to bath water and scrub with the bath ball. Makes a really nice gift.

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