Heal Burns with Alternative Medicine

Heal Burns with Alternative Medicine

Chinese herbalists recommend covering scalds and burns Ching Hung ointment. Apply the ointment, available at many natural food stores (and at Chinese pharmacies), directly to a clean burn. The ingredients are a secret, but according to herbalists, the ointment heals burns quickly. 

also raw potatoes

Raw washed potatoes cut and pressed on a burn can bring soothing relief almost instantly. Thin slices work best to cover the burn in a compress, but this remedy should be reserved for small burns. Any burn larger than a couple of inches across should be treated by a doctor or other health professional. 

also lavender oil and aloe vera gel

In addition to gel from the leaf of an aloe vera plant, lavender oil will also help to keep a burn from blistering. Fo small burns – on a finger, for example – apply two or three drops of lavender oil directly to the area. 

For larger burns, including sunburn, dilute the oil before applying, or it may dry out your skin. Dilute lavender oil by mixing one ounce of essential lavender oil with one ounce of aloe vera juice. Then, apply the diluted oil to the affected area. 

also MILK

With a minor burn, such as the ones you get in the kitchen or from hot engines in the garage, hold the ice water and turn to the milk jug instead. While both will soothe the irritated skin, the fat in the milk provides a much needed liquid coating at the site of the burn. Cloths dipped in cold milk will provide quick relief for minor burns. For more serious burns, keep would loosely covered with sheets or clothing on route to the doctor or hospital.

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