Shift Cleanse


Looking to get healthy and have an online coach support you through the process!? 
It's called The Shift Cleanse – it's 21 days, all online. For the first week, you don't eat gluten, sugar, dairy soy, bell peppers, tomatoes, oranges, limes, peanuts, corn. The second week is the same, except the first 4 days you drink smoothies for breakfast and soups for dinner (but lunches and snacks are normal) – the last 3 days are purees, broths and smoothies. The last week, you bring back all of the things you took out so that you can see how your body reacts.
The cleanse is super easy to follow because the coach Skylor gives you meal plans with recipes, grocery lists and prep lists. You won't feel lost for what to eat. It actually really helps give you a plan to stick to. She takes foods like dairy, gluten, sugar, etc. out of the recipes because apparently a lot of people are allergic to these foods and don't know it. If that happens, it causes swelling in your digestive tract and that leads to problems like unexplained fatigue, weight gain, joint problems, skin problems, etc.
There's an online forum so you can talk to other people who are doing it too. It's super supported. She's relaunching it because she added a vegan version and updated some videos and info for it. The relaunch date is September 24th, but she is running pre-sale specials up until then so check it out because you can get it for pretty cheap.
Her email is – you should send her an email if you have questions about it or anything!

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