Herbal Medicine – Most Beneficial Teas for Health

One of the most widespread methods of using herbs to maintain good health and ward off illnesses is by drinking herb teas. For medicinal purposes, when treating an actual ailment, stronger preparations such as infusions or decoctions are prescribed, but in general it is possible to make a simple tisane at home. Herb teas can be used as everyday hot drinks, to replace tea and coffee and hence reduce the unhealthy caffeine intake in the diet. Used regularly, herbal tea can make a significant contribution to a person's quality of health and wellbeing, not simply as replacements for stimulants such as tea or coffee, but for their general health-giving properties and specific medicinal benefits.

Relaxant, digestive, anti-inflammatory; settles digestion, aids restful sleep

Carminative, warming, diaphoretic; improves digestion and good when cold/ chilled

Expectorant, diaphoretic; clears catarrh, reduces fevers by sweating

Lemon Balm
Relaxant, digestive, anti-depressant; relieves nervous dyspepsia, good tonic

Lime Blossom
Relaxant, analgesic; eases tension headaches or aching colds and flu

Antispasmodic and digestive; reduces flatulence, is good for head colds too

Contains Vitamin C; helps build resistance to colds and flu

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