Avoiding GMO’s in Canned and Frozen Foods

Canned and Frozen Foods


Finding GE-free vegetables, beans, tomatoes, and seafood is easy; however, canned goods that are flavored or highly processed offer more of a challenge. When shopping for canned fruits and meats and flavored sauces, look for items marked "certified organic" and brands that don't contain potential GE ingredients. Remember to watch out for the Big Four GE crops- corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed- and their derivatives. 


Quick Hints- Conventional

Search for canned vegetables/bean/tomato products packed only in water and salt.

Common GE ingredients in canned foods are  : corn syrup, soy, canola, and cottonseed oils; and cornstarch.

Other good choices are plain beans (except soybeans) packed in water; plain vegetables (except corn) packed in water; stewed or crushed tomatoes; 100- percent tomato paste; seafood packed in its own juices, water or olive oil; and mixed vegetables (excluding corn).

Many flavored or extra-processed products )baked beans, flavored tomato sauces, canned meats) can contain GE ingredients. 

Additionally, some canned and flavored tomato sauces contain the Big Four ingredients. 


Quick Hits-Organic

As always, look for certified organic brands and GMO-free brands. 



Many frozen foods are highly processed. When choosing foods from the freezer aisle, check the label to see whether or not the product contains genetically altered ingredients. Keep an eye out for the Big Fours and stay away from frozen foods that contain them, unless they are marked organic pr non-GE. Luckily, many frozen vegetables and fruits don't have any other additives making these products good choices.


Quick Hint-conventional

Choose plain frozen fruits and veggies (except for non-organic squash and corn) that do not contain other ingredients that may be GE

Quick Hints-Organic

Look for ertified organic frozen ishes and foods labeled "GMO-or GE Free".

Watch out for products containg non organic soy, corn, canola, or cottonseed. 


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