Best First Steps for Getting Rid of Cluster Headaches Naturally

Anti-inflammatories are too slow to be much help at relieving the pain of cluster headaches, but you can begin taking steps that will help cut the headaches' effects naturally by following two steps.

  1. Create a treatment plan with your doctor. It's especially important to see a doctor or go to an emergency room if the pattern of your cluster headaches suddenly changes; if you have a fever, a stiff neck, rash, confusion, weakness, or double vision with your headache; if your pain worsens with movement; or if your headaches start after age 50. Seeing an acupuncturist or natropathic dr can lead to a natural treatment approach that may help with the prevention of headaches.
  2. Keep a Diary. Note what time your headaches strike, how long they last, what you did, like smoking or sleeping, and what you are and drank within the previous 24 hours. This information will help you identify triggers to your headaches and help you to avoid certain activities that may be causing you tremendous pain.
  3. Stretch. Stretching tightened muscles will help you to release tension that may be pulling on tendons, muscles and joint causing you headaches. Start a stretching routine everyday and see if this help to lesson your tension in the neck, shoulders and head. 

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