7 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Sick of gnarly back pain at the end of a long day? Here are some five-minute stoppers:

  1. HEAT – Take a hot shower or bath. Or microwave a towel or gel pack, or plug in a heating pad, then apply to your back, The heat increases blood flow to the back, diminishes pain signals, and helps the spinal muscles relax and stretch. Apply a natural pain relief cream to relieve pain – Try Isagenix Ageless Pain Relief Cream– Deep penetrating topical analgesic cream.
  2. SQUATS – Replace all that bending you do with squatting. Bending overstretches your back muscles, weakens your back and pushes your discs outward. Squats strengthen the back, as well as the supporting muscles of your butt and thighs. Bonus – a better booty!
  3. BACK STRETCH – Lie facedown on the floor and, keeping your hips on the floor, gently rise on your elbows. This move feels good and helps straighten your spine.
  4. CHAIR STRETCH – Slouching isn’t good for your back, but neither is ramrod stiffness. Several times per day, lean back in your chair with your feet on the ground, making sure there’s a slight curve in your back. That posture distributes your weight more evenly, taking some pressure off your spine.
  5. A STROLL – The best thing you can do is change position every half hour or so by getting up from your chair, taking a five-minute walk, or even making a phone call standing up.
  6. A TENNIS BALL – Lie down on the ball, allowing the ball to press into your sore spot, then let your body relax. The pressure will create a small stretch and release of your muscles.
  7. A REST – Just lying down for a few minutes – not a few days – will help relieve the pain.



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