95 Million Americans Qualify To Take Digest Challenge, Says Enzymedica

According to the National Institutes of Health, in 2004, direct and indirect costs of digestive diseases totaled an estimated $141.8 billion in the United States alone.1 Over 95 million people in the U.S. experience some kind of digestive problem.2 Though many suffer, few have to. Florida based enzyme manufacturer Enzymedica, Inc., has challenged Americans to improve their overall digestive performance by following a simple 14-day Digest Challenge.

According to Enzymedica, “there is no reason to live with heartburn, indigestion, gas or bloating.” Their experts promote enzymes as an ideal solution, and have backed up their challenge with a money back guarantee.†

The Challenge instructions are simple: Take Enzymedica’s top-selling Digest BasicTM formula along with each meal or large snack for 14 days. Typical benefits include reduced digestive distress, increased energy and improved regularity.

“Enzymes perform a multitude of functions in the body,” explains Dr. Kelly Crinnion, a naturopathic physician from Scottsdale, Arizona. “They aid everything from digestion to healthy energy levels. A daily enzyme supplement like Enzymedica’s Digest Basic provides the body needed support.”

Soothe Digestive Distress:

When undigested foods travel through the intestines they can irritate and potentially damage the sensitive intestinal wall. Over time, this irritation may reduce our digestive capacity and negatively influence the vital absorption process.

Increase Energy:

According to Yuri Elkaim author of Eating for Energy, in most cases, up to 80% of our body’s vital energy is spent on digestion.3 By aiding the breakdown and absorption of foods, you can free up enormous amounts of energy, increasing physical vitality and enhancing energy levels.*

Promote Regularity

“Promoting proper digestion will encourage a healthy intestinal environment,” says Dr. Crinnion, “this can help relieve occasional constipation and irregularity.”*

For over a decade, the experts at Enzymedica have been on a mission to improve the health and function of the American digestive system. Their award-winning Digest product line is available from natural product retailers nationwide, and includes Digest™ and Digest Gold™, the two top selling digestive enzymes on the US market according to SPINS, a market research and consulting firm for the Natural Products Industry.


† Visit here for full Challenge details.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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