Natural Sponge Cleaners

Natural Sponge Cleaners

2 to 3 citrus-based essential oil, such as orange or lemon

Would it surprise you to learn that your kitchen sponge is quite likely one of the most contaminated objects in your home? Damp sponges provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and can be teeming with millions of bacteria after just a few days of use. Even worse is the thought that using a contaminated sponge to "clean" your counters or dishes means you're essentially spreading those germs around even more. To keep your cellulose sponge in tip-top shape, get in the habit of microwaving it on HIGH power for a minute or two every few days, which will effectively kill 99% of the bacteria. When the sponge is cool enough to handle, sprinkle it with a few drops of orange essential oil and squeeze gently to distribute throughout the sponge. Along with a fresh, citrus scent, the oil's demonstrated antibacterial properties will help slow down bacterial growth in between cleanings. 

Another option is to use the hand held scrubbers. They are not porous and do not provide the right environment for bacteria to live, that is to say as long as it is clean and not harboring food particles. 



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