Green Basics

Here is our list of the basics on going green. This starting point will help anyone become more environmentally friendly.

kilowatt-hours – This term is a unit of energy typically found on your utility bill. The term tells you how much power you are using. The key in kilowatt – hours is that to produce this energy, coal is the source that is used to create this power. The use of coal by burning is a bog source of harmful pollution and carbon emissions that can lead to global warming. So keep a look out on your bills on how much energy you are using and what is is even costing you. You may find you have an interest in saving yourself some funds and making your environment a little healthier in the long run.

landfills – A landfill is a dump or a trash site. Not only do landfills take up space which could be used for natural landscape, but they can lead to air and water pollution issues in the community.

e-waste – Electronic waste is any discarded electronic appliance. It is very unfortunate that as handy as these gadgets are they are made from hazardous materials and need special care when they are in need of being disposed of. If not disposed of correctly they produce chemicals that leak into the ground and water as well as pollute the air.

recycling – recycling is a term used for reusing materials. Reprocessing products into new products. Preventing new raw materials from being used every single instance can help save and reduce energy usage.

other terms:

renewable resources
non renewable resources
global warming

read up on all the basic ways you can make a difference just in your own home.

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